Sending Art

Sending Us Your Own Art?

Excellent! That makes for a great Printed Product, however, there are VERY IMPORTANT things to consider FIRST BEFORE SENDING US ART! Please read this document in full... it takes about 3 minutes to read, but will save hours of frustration!

In order for us to create a really great looking product, you need to be aware of GRAPHIC RESOLUTION before sending us anything! Just because your graphic may look great on your computer screen, it does not necessarily mean that it will look great on a t-shirt or other products that we offer.

GRAPHIC RESOLUTION is also known as DPI (Dots per inch) and when you use various methods for creating your art, sometimes these images are produced at 72 DPI, which is a standard size for images used on the web, however for PRINTING, your images should be in between 200 and 300 DPI.

If you simply found a picture on the internet, chances are likely the art is NOT at 300 DPI, it is more than likely MADE FOR THE INTERNET, which is usually made at 72 DPI. (Be careful of this - most art you simply find on the internet is copyrighted and you are responsible for getting permission to use this art). If you got the art from a clip art web site, you will need to purchase the high-resolution file from them - this is usually the largest .jpg that they will have OR (Even BETTER) get us the .eps file - you will NOT be able to open the .eps file, because you would need Adobe Illustrater installed, but none of that matters, since WE need the file. EPS files are our favorite, because they are vector-based graphics and can be resized to any size without pixelating. If you find the file on or simply give us the product number and we will purchase it for you. Generally, sites claiming to have “royalty free” art are not really free when you read the fine print.

Photo - Scanned

If you are scanning a photo at 300 DPI, remember, that it can be printed just fine if you are keeping it at the same size of the photo. If you are enlarging the photo, you should scan it at larger DPI's to keep the consistency... in other words, if you want it to be twice the size, scan it at 600 DPI, etc.

We accept the following formats: .JPG, .EPS, .PDF

If you are submitting a logo, be sure the Font Type is not Embedded. Convert all fonts to outlines.


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